MultiTrend-GR Pyrometer Systems

The Honeywell Multitrend GR Paperless Recorder, follows on from the original Honeywell SX Paperless Recorders that are now established as an industry leading data acquisition system.

 Without introducing an excessive change in the established X-Series design, the Honeywell Multritrend GR Paperless Recorders incorporate an improved XGA Resolution (1024 x 768 pixels), 12.1″ touchscreen display and increaed 1GB internal solid state flash memory as standard (around 242 million data points).  Additionally this memory is expandable upto 4GB (almost 1 billion datapoints).  Memory is simply cleared and information gathered via front access USB or SD card interface or, with optional Honeywell TrendServer software, as an online solution. Honeywell Multitrend GR Paperless Recorders accept upto 48 analogue inputs and a selection of pulse and digital inputs along with relay alarms outputs.

The unique Honeywell Trendview credit system adopted by both Multitrend GR and Multritrend SX paperless recorders also offers the user an array of advanced functionality.  This includes features such as totalisation, high scan rates, thermocouple health check diagnostics, email alarm relay functions and customised displays. For pharmaceutical applications, Honeywell Multitrend GR and Multritrend SX paperless recorders can be ordered with an extended security option. With this enhanced footprint protection, the Honeywell Multitrend paperless recorder is compliant for validation within a CFR21 part 11 system.  The recorder itself offers itself towards multiple batching processes, and pharmaceutical applications are common place.