Honeywell DCP300 Programmer

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Honeywell DCP300 Programmer

Honeywell DCP300 Programmer

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Efficient control of a manufacturing system requires highly accurate controllers and programmers. The DCP300 programmer/controller combines high accuracy, reliability and quality at a competitive price.​

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DCP300 is a microprocessor-based ¼ DIN controller/programmer ideal for an extensive range of applications. Two models of the processor are available–DCP301 is a single-channel programmer with one input and one loop of control, while DCP302 is a dual-channel programmer with two inputs and two loops of control. In addition, a temperature and relative humidity calculation model is also available with the DCP302.

The ¼ DIN controller supports up to 19 program profiles with up to 30 segments per profile and offers high accuracy of 0.1% for input 1 and 0.2% for input 2. The DIN programmer/controller is very easy to use, and makes documentation of process requirements simple.