Honeywell DR4300 Circular Chart Recorder

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Honeywell DR4300 Circular Chart Recorder

Honeywell DR4300 Circular Chart Recorder

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DR4300 is a low-cost circular chart recorder ideal for recording batch processes such as those used in industrial ovens, environmental chambers, pharmaceutical equipment, dairy, textile and food machinery, industrial furnaces and farm machinery. A structural foam case and heavy-duty plastic door provide excellent protection against most industrial environments.

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The DR4300 10″ circular chart recorder is a one- or two-pen microprocessor-based recorder that can handle a variety of process parameters from devices such as temperature, humidity, pressure and flow transmitters. It uses preprinted charts and fiber tip pens and is available with and without a digital display. Easy to operate and maintain, it is ideal for most process recording applications that can be handled by low-cost analog recorders. The Basic DR4300 has a typical accuracy of 0.50%, while the DR4300 recorder with display can be field calibrated to improve the typical accuracy to 0.2%. This circular chart recorder also supports PID control and alarming for those processes that require both recording and control in a single device.

How Does It Work?

​Honeywell Truline Circular Chart recorders accept directly connected process signals which allow them to process data and create the chart under actual environmental conditions, eliminating the risk of temperature and humidity expansion of the paper and enhancing its accuracy. The chart recorders use single or dual pens or a “hot-stylus” type pen to produce the chart image. The simple design of these chart recorders makes them easy to operate even by inexperienced operators, and the modular construction makes them easy to maintain, modify and service. The bright, digital display and a dedicated configuration keypad bring further convenience to the user. These chart recorders come with NEMA 3 or NEMA 4 front face protection, making them suitable for tough production environments.

What Problems Does It Solve?v
The DR4300 circular chart recorder offers the most economical solution for recording one or two process parameters.