Honeywell UDC1200 DIN Controller

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Honeywell UDC1200 DIN Controller

Honeywell UDC1200 DIN Controller

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UDC1200 is a microprocessor-based 1/16 DIN controller that combines a high degree of functionality and reliability at low cost. This universal controller enables monitoring and controlling of temperatures, pressures and levels in a wide range of applications such as environmental chambers, furnaces, ovens, packaging machines and other applications in plastics and the food and beverage industries. ​

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The small size of the UDC1200 universal controller makes it ideal for applications where panel space is limited, and where performance and flexibility are very important. The large and easy-to-read dual four-digit display and tactile keypad make the digital controller easy to configure and use. Its outstanding flexibility enables users to configure the unit for many applications and change it if required. In addition, users benefit from a reduced initial purchase price is brought down because they only order and pay for the options required for their application.

On-board diagnostics make the UDC1200 digital controller easy to troubleshoot and the plug-in circuit boards make the unit easy to repair.