Honeywell UDC2800 Din Controller

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Honeywell UDC2800 Din Controller

Honeywell UDC2800 Din Controller

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The UDC 2800 is the next generation of panel-based temperature controller. It’s more connected, more accurate, faster and more efficient, delivering improved performance and a lower cost of ownership. With Bluetooth and remote connectivity, app-based configuration and a full-color TFT screen it’s an easy to use, powerful solution for single loop control of furnaces, ovens, boilers, heaters, environmental chambers, cookers, dryers and freezers.

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How Does It Work?
​The UDC2800 delivers 0.15% accuracy and a market-leading scanning speed of 100ms to capture trends quickly and enable users to achieve their targeted temperature profile. It supports up to 64 setpoints segment and four PID sets, with RTD, TC, mV, mA, RH, carbon and oxygen inputs as standard, as well as two universal analogue inputs.

UDC2800 can meet the needs of even the most complex operations. The controller is ASM2750F aerospace standard compliant as well as NEMA4X for food and beverage wash downs. FM standard for high limit heat treatment feature coming soon in 2021 and it’s also IP66 certified. ​

The controller is a single solution upgrade from both UDC2500 and UDC3200 controllers with a single solution for simpler maintenance, stock management and orders. It’s also entirely backwards compatible, retaining the same 1/4 DIN form factor, terminal arrangement and back panel as previous models.

What Problems Does It Solve?
​The UDC2800 is a single solution for efficient and accurate temperature control to meet regulatory requirements, optimize performance, ensure product quality and minimize waste.